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Episode 16: Foundation and Empire

In this episode, Peter and CC will discuss the second book in the famous Foundation series by Isaac Asimov, Foundation and Empire. Here we discuss the dying gasps of the First Empire and the unique aberration known as the Mule!

Scifi Sidebar Episode 15: Foundation

In this episode, Peter and CC dive into the all-time Science Fiction classic from the legend of the genre, Isaac Asimov! We talk about things like the interesting gender roles, the outdated philosophy, and the impending doom of America! Play...

Scifi Sidebar Episode 10: The Andromeda Strain

Join CC and Peter in rediscovering the scifi classic The Andromeda Strain! The Michael Crichton debut brings chilling twists, memorable microbes and giant, ancient computers. Dive into 40-year-old scifi and discover that it still packs a punch! Play in new window...